How to Apply for a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence in 2021

From 1 January 2021, the UK’s immigration system will be overhauled. The biggest change will be the end of the free movement of EU nationals, but there will also be significant tweaks to the sponsorship system. Here we look at the rules facing employers and employees wishing to sponsor employee [...]

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How to Apply for a Spouse Visa from the USA to the UK – FAQs

Applying for a spouse or ‘Partner’ visa to the UK is a complex process at the best of times. When you apply from the USA there are particular ‘features’ unique to the USA, which can make the whole process yet more confusing. Here I de-mystify the process of applying for [...]

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Coronavirus and UK Immigration – Live Updates

As with most areas of life, the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the UK’s immigration system is far-reaching.  In this regularly updated blog, we monitor the key developments around immigration, including those that may affect your immigration status or how your visa or citizenship application or appeal is processed. [...]

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How Hong Kongers Can Secure Their Money and Get UK Residency: The Tier 1 Investor Visa

This is a joint article written by our Head of Immigration, Louis MacWilliam and our Immigration consultant, Jennie Chau. As the stock market tumbles and tough new security laws are passed, Hong Kongers are faced with two major challenges. The first one is to find a safer place for investments [...]

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The Impact Of New Security Laws In Hong Kong For BNO Passport Holders And British Citizens Naturalised Through The British Nationality (Hong Kong) Act 1990

This is a joint article written by our Head of Immigration, Louis MacWilliam and our Immigration consultant, Jennie Chau. With new authoritarian laws on the horizon, we at Truth Legal consider the British Prime Minister’s offer to Hong Kong citizens. We also look at existing measures that Hong Kong citizens [...]

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My Client’s Bizarre Journey to Indefinite Leave to Remain

On 14 May 2020 I got my client’s story into a feature piece in The Guardian. Since 1992, the Home Office had refused to recognise my client as having lawful residence in the UK, so we felt there was little to lose. Just five days later, on 19 May 2020, [...]

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Louis MacWilliam Advises On Post-Brexit Migration Rules in Yorkshire Post

Our Head of Immigration, Louis MacWilliam, has been featured in the Yorkshire Post giving his view on what post-Brexit migration rules might look like for the hospitality and care home sector. In the article, Louis looks at recent figures published which show a continuing and steady decline in the rate [...]

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When Does an Islamic Ceremony Create a Legal Marriage for your Spouse Visa?

For many individuals, amongst the many rules which make applying for a spouse visa complex and stressful, is the requirement that a spouse’s marriage is legally recognised for UK immigration purposes. The recent case of Attorney General v Akhter confirmed that the religious ceremony to marry known as ‘Nikah’ is [...]

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Louis MacWilliam Gives Immigration Talk To Leeds University International Students

On Tuesday 3rd March, our Head of Immigration, Louis MacWilliam, was invited along to Leeds University to give a talk to their international students about work-based visas after they graduate. The talk was part of the University Global Careers Month. Louis spoke to the students at length about their various [...]

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The New Immigration System: Is This Really an ‘Immigration Revolution’?

Today, the government introduced a policy statement outlining how the UK’s immigration policy will take shape from 2021.  Today’s Daily Mail ran the headline ‘Immigration Revolution’, with the sub-headings ‘Migrants must have job paying at least £25,600, qualifications, and speak English ++Pay annual fee to NHS ++No benefits for 5 [...]

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