Care Workers to be Made (Temporarily) Eligible for Sponsorship

What just happened? Shortly before Christmas, the Government was issued with a firm instruction: make Care Workers eligible for sponsorship immediately.  Not much room for confusion there. The instruction came from the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) in its annual report, which made for grim festive reading in its assessment of [...]

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Migration Advisory Committee: Care Workers Should Be Made Eligible For Sponsorship “Immediately”

Quick background At Truth Legal, we have long believed that one answer to staff shortages in the UK’s care sector is immigration policy, although it’s certainly not the only answer. Under the current immigration system, regular Care Workers are not eligible for sponsorship, but Senior Care Workers are. This is [...]

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Made with Care? Our Take on the Government’s Recruitment Drive for Adult Social Care

Truth Legal and the UK care sector The Immigration Team at Truth Legal has more insight than most solicitors into the staff shortages currently paralysing the UK’s social care sector. On a near-daily basis we are contacted by a care provider seeking advice.  Most of them are looking to [...]

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