Wanted: Testers Needed For New Evidence Gathering ONRECORD App

Truth Legal have teamed up with the creators of the evidence gathering app, ONRECORD, to help them in their search for testers for their new mobile app.   ONRECORD helps you gather and prepare evidence in a secure and simple mobile app. Log each incident as it occurs, create a [...]

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Georgina Parkin Is Appointed Managing Director Of Truth Legal

On 1st October, we were delighted to announce that our Director & Solicitor, Georgina Parkin, is Truth Legal’s new managing director. Georgina takes over the day-to-day running of the firm from founder Andrew Gray, who will remain very much involved as he continues to develop Truth Legal into one of [...]

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The Prorogation of Parliament: A Question of Access To Justice?

Like many nerdy lawyers (and I am one of the nerdiest of the nerdy!), when, really, I should’ve been working, these last few days I could not help but to be glued to the news. Until very recently, who would’ve thought that matters of constitutional law would become so sexy, [...]

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Truth Legal Is One Of The UK’s Top Legal Blogs (Just Look At Our Stats)

Back in 2012, Truth Legal was born. It started out as a small, boutique-style law firm that specialised in personal injury, clinical negligence and employment law. Our head office in Harrogate was (and still is) a key part of who we are, and last year we outgrew our first floor [...]

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9 Reasons Why I Think Truth Legal Are Ethical Solicitors

As the founder of Truth Legal, perhaps I would say – wouldn’t I?- that Truth Legal are ethical solicitors. But I believe it. Certainly, we are far from perfect. We have a long way to go, much to improve upon and, when we get there, we will need to keep [...]

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Case: Quantrell v TWA Logistics [2016] EWCA Civ 399

The recent case of Quantrell v TWA Logistics [2016] has stressed that following health and safety guidelines is as important for the employee as it is for the employer. Background The recognition of an employee’s right to claim for personal injury loss in the workplace has been a fairly recent [...]

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Startup Fintech Company Accused Of Raft Of HR Failings

One of the fastest-growing banking companies in the UK has been accused of a series of HR failings that could lead to employment law breaches, according to our founder Andrew Gray, who was asked about the behaviour of Fintech startup Revolut for the website Wired. Revolut promised to revolutionise banking [...]

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