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Compensation claims for ACAS early conciliation cases

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From 6 May 2014, if you wish to bring a claim against your employer in an employment tribunal, it is a legal requirement that you go through Early Conciliation before you can submit a claim.

A request for Early Conciliation can be made through the ACAS website: Once you have trigged Early Conciliation ACAS will contact you to discuss your employment dispute and will then contact your employer to see if the dispute can be resolved or a settlement can be reached. You can give ACAS our contact details and ask that the ACAS officer contacts us instead.

Settling an employment dispute by ACAS Early Conciliation is usually a faster, less stressful and less expensive alternative to pursuing a claim against your employer. The terms of any settlement will usually be kept confidential.

Navya Shekhar, Head of Employment at Truth Legal:

“There is no obligation to have a solicitor represent you during Early Conciliation; however, usually employers take a dispute more seriously if a solicitor represents an employee. It will show your employer (or last employer) that you mean business. Having a solicitor represent you will also mean you receive early legal advice about prospects of success.”

At Truth Legal we have a great deal of experience in helping clients with the ACAS Early Conciliation process in order to maximise their prospects of succeeding in an employment dispute. Often we can represent you under a No Win, No Fee agreement or a fixed fee.

Book an initial consultation with us today and get 1 hour’s legal advice for £120 (incl.vat). You will meet with a Truth Legal employment law expert who will be able to advise on your employment matter. 

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