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Explore the wonderful scenery of Bank Woods

Truth Legal Woodland
110 Acres

Within 110 acres

of ancient and new woodland, scrub and meadows
1500 trees

1,500 trees

for every client we have represented since 2012
Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

making good on our commitment to become a carbon neutral legal organisation
Explore and relax


we invite every one of our clients to enjoy Bank Woods with us

Bank Woods

Truth Legal are making good on their commitment to become a carbon neutral legal organisation by sponsoring a woodland, and all our clients are already part of the journey with us.

Bank Woods is the largest Nature Reserve owned by Make it Wild, a family run conservation business. It is 110 acres of ancient and new woodland, scrub and meadows, and a haven for wildlife near Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire.

Truth Legal have committed to sponsoring the planting of 1500 trees in the wood; one for every client we have represented since being formed in April 2012.

Make It Wild Bank Woods

Explore The Truth Legal Woodland

Woodland Development Gallery

Client Benefits of our Woodland Sponsorship

We firmly believe that every business has an individual responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint. And we also believe we have a role to play in contributing to the collective efforts of the local community towards areas becoming carbon neutral. Therefore our clients can enjoy the following benefits from Truth Legal’s commitment to the Bank Woods project.

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Client funds are being reinvested in carbon neutral projects

Truth Legal are taking a responsible role in the impacts of the local supply chain on green efforts in the region

Use of the woodland retreat is open to all clients and their families (just let us know if you would like to visit and we will arrange this)

Funds and sponsorship will ensure the wood is developed sustainably and facilities are suitably maintained long term

Truth Legal’s Carbon Neutral Commitment

Our founder Andrew Gray has played an active role in supporting Make It Wild over recent years and it has enriched his family life enormously. He now wants to extend that to the wider client base and the wider environment.

Andrew commented:

The Make It Wild scheme has become a big part of our lives and we are happy to make this personal and professional commitment and to include our clients in it. We are partnering with Make It Wild because our ethics and principals are so closely aligned, and we know that is true of many of our clients too, so we would be delighted to actively involve them in this journey.

Truth Legal are a corporate member of the ‘Zero Carbon Harrogate’ initiative and are closely monitoring their carbon emissions and taking steps to reduce energy usage and increase recycling activities. The support of the woodland is a positive carbon impact to offset activities which have a negative carbon impact and which are unavoidable, but all support our quest to become a carbon neutral organisation over the next five years.

We have also recently become a small shareholder in the Long Lands Common community project, a community owned woodlands project for Harrogate and Knaresborough (more info coming soon!)

Andrew Gray Carbon Neutral Statement
Make It Wild

Find out more about Make it Wild

Play your part and join us at Bank Woods

You can closely monitor developments via our blog feed below and also catch up with videos and image galleries demonstrating the ongoing work at the beautiful Bank Woods woodland retreat.

Our current clients are allowed access to the woodland on specific days (please contact us to arrange a visit).

From time to time, Make it Wild have Open Days where visitors are allowed access to the woodland. Sign up to the newsletter on the Make it Wild website for more information.

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