Over £14,000 in compensation for a lady attacked by out of control dog

August 31 2023,

August 31 2023,

Jasmine* suffered significant facial injuries when she was attacked by a dog whilst walking along her street.  Jasmine left her home and as she walked past a residential property a dog suddenly ran out of the garden, onto the footpath and started attacking her.   The attack was unprovoked and the dog was out of control.


The attack was extremely terrifying for Jasmine and she had to have in excess of 20 stitches to her face.  The dog attack left her with permanent facial scarring, damage to her teeth and psychological injuries, resulting in Jasmine being petrified by dogs.

Truth Legal’s involvement

Jasmine contacted Truth Legal after the incident and was connected with Catherine Reynolds, the Head of Personal Injury at Truth Legal. Catherine worked on Jasmine’s case with diligence and determination and after the other side initially denied liability for the attack, managed to get a full admission of liability from the dog owner’s insurers.  Following negotiations with the dog owner’s insurers, Catherine secured compensation for Jasmine’s pain suffering and loss of amenity caused by her injuries and compensation for treatment to help camouflage the facial scarring.  In addition, the dog owner was sentenced to 2 years Community Order with supervision and was ordered to pay compensation in the sum of £2,500 to Jasmine, resulting in a total sum of compensation of just under £17,000.

Through Catherine’s efforts and perseverance, Jasmine was able to recover the compensation she deserved.

If you have been injured as a result of a dog attack, contact Truth Legal for a no-obligation free consultation.

*name changed to maintain confidentiality.

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