£40,000 in compensation for care worker assaulted by resident

September 14 2023,

September 14 2023,

Mandy* was violently assaulted by a resident she was caring for whilst she was on duty at a care home. Mandy was working a night shift and was working at a home which provided care for teenage children with complex needs.  Complaints had been made to management previously in relation to the unit being understaffed but unfortunately no action was taken.  Concerns had also been raised previously about the resident in question being violent and causing criminal damage but management did not intervene leaving Mandy in an extremely vulnerable position at work.  One evening Mandy was subjected to an extremely terrifying and violent attack by the resident when she was repeatedly punched in the face and head and the resident threatened to stab her.


Mandy suffered with a mild head injury with post-traumatic headaches, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression requiring extensive CBT treatment and required several months off work.

Truth Legal’s involvement

Mandy contacted Truth Legal after the assault and was connected with Catherine Reynolds, the Head of Personal Injury at Truth Legal.

Catherine worked on Mandy’s case with diligence and determination and managed to get a full admission of liability from Mandy’s employer.  Catherine gathered evidence, including medical evidence in support of the physical and psychological injuries Mandy suffered and evidence in support of her financial losses.  Catherine secured compensation for Mandy’s pain suffering and loss of amenity caused by her injuries and compensation for her loss of income.

Truth Legal specialise in claims arising out of assaults at work.  If you have been injured as a result of an assault at work, contact Truth Legal for a no-obligation free consultation.

*name changed to maintain confidentiality.

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