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Student Lawyer Blog: How Does The Court Determine Whether Dismissal From Work Is Fair?

Case: British Home Stores Ltd v Burchell [1978] ICR 303 (EAT) Facts Miss Burchell was an employee at British Home Stores which had a scheme in place for staff purchases. The store suspected that Miss Burchell was abusing the scheme which led to her dismissal following investigations conducted by the [...]

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Student Lawyer Blog: Can an employer be held responsible for the suicide of a workplace accident victim?

Case: Corr v IBC Vehicles [2006] EWCA Civ 331 By Stefanie Stefanova   Employers are legally obliged to safeguard their employees at the workplace. Generally, claimants must prove that the harm they have suffered is a predictable consequence of the actions, or inaction, of the defendant. In order for a [...]

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Student Lawyer Blog: Can employers use cumulative incidences as reasons for dismissal?

Case: Robinson v Combat Stress [2014] UKEAT 0310_14_0572 Facts: Miss Robinson was a registered Mental Health Nurse at Combat Stress – a facility that provided therapy for military veterans of both sexes. She was dismissed because of three events that Combat Stress perceived to be cumulative. The events were: 1)     [...]

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Student Lawyer Blog: Can You Claim Compensation If You Walk into a Road and Are Hit By a Car?

Case: Sabir v Osei-Kwabena [2015] EWCA Civ 1213 by Isam Rumzan Facts The claimant, a pregnant woman, exited from a car and walked to the rear of it before stepping out into the road in order to cross. The claimant did not stop at the kerbside before crossing out into [...]

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Student Lawyer Blog: Can Employers Give Multiple Reasons for Dismissal?

Case: Smith v Glasgow City District Council [1987] ICR 796 by Gina Skandari, Student Lawyer Mr Smith worked at Glasgow City Council as a deputy General Manager in the Building and Works Department. The director of this department resigned but his post remained vacant; Mr Smith took over his duties alongside his [...]

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Student Lawyer Blog: The Tipping Point for the MIB – Could You Have An RTA Claim Against An ‘Off Road Vehicle’

Case: Lewington v The Motor Insurers’ Bureau [2017] EWHC 2848 (Comm) By Hennah Abbas - Student Lawyer   Be it a tractor knocking you off a ladder or a mobility scooter driving into you, for years the Motor Insurers’ Bureau have relied and succeeded with the defence that ‘off road [...]

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