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Student Lawyer Blog: Is There a Difference in the Standard of Care Required from Doctors Depending on their Seniority?

Student lawyer Sophie Timms looks at the case of: FB v Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust [2017] EWCA Civ 334 Facts In the early hours of Monday 29th September 2003, the mother of a child phoned out-of-hours services due to the ill-health of her 13-month-old child. This resulted in a [...]

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What is Classed as Gross Misconduct in the Workplace?

Qualified lawyer, Nazir Khan, looks at the case: Eastland Homes Partnership Limited v Cunningham UKEAT/0272/13 and asks "what is classed as gross misconduct in the workplace?" Gross misconduct relates to serious behaviour on the part of an employee. To determine what is, or is not, gross misconduct cannot be confined [...]

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What information must be disclosed to a patient before they consent to surgery?

Student lawyer Sophie Timms discusses the case of: Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board [2015] UKSC 11 and asks "what information must be disclosed to a patient before they consent to surgery?" Facts: The claimant, Mrs Montgomery, brought a medical negligence claim due to the injuries her son sustained during childbirth, [...]

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If Your Terms of Employment Change, Can You Claim Unfair Dismissal Under The New Contract?

Student lawyer Joanna Garvey-Smith assesses the case of S.A Hogg v Dover College [1990] ICR 39 (EAT) and asks "If an Employer drastically changes your Terms of Employment, can you claim Unfair Dismissal while still working under the new Contract?" Facts Mr Hogg was Head of History at Dover College, [...]

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Is a District Judge a ‘worker’ within the meaning of the Employment Rights Act 1996 and therefore qualify for Whistleblowing Protection?

In Gilham v Ministry of Justice (2017) EWCA Civ 2220, the Court of Appeal ruled that a judge is not a worker within the meaning of the Act, concluding that there is enough statutory protection for judges to warrant their exclusion from the protection afforded by the Employment Rights Act [...]

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Student Lawyer Blog: Can agency workers make whistleblowing claims?

Case: McTigue v University Hospital Bristol NHS Foundation Trust UKEAT/0354/15 A whistleblower is defined as an individual who raises concerns about misconduct or wrongdoing within an organisation. Whistleblowers are afforded a certain amount of protection and can make claims to an Employment Tribunal after being dismissed or victimised following a [...]

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Is a Partner in a Law Firm to be a ‘Worker’ within the meaning of the Employment Rights Act 1996?

Clyde & Co LLP and another v Bates van Winkelhof The General Issues: What is the Importance of being a ‘worker’? The legal status, and rights therein, afforded to ‘workers’ is far more beneficial than that given to others, except for ‘employees’. This is why, in 2017, Deliveroo riders opposed [...]

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Can employees disclose confidential information acquired during their employment if it is in the public interest?

Case: Initial Services Ltd v Putterill and another [1968] 1 QB 396 By Stefanie Stefanova General rule: Employees must not disclose to a third party any confidential information which they have acquired during the course of their employment. The information belongs to the employer and should be kept confidential. Exceptions: [...]

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Student Lawyer Blog: How Does The Court Determine Whether Dismissal From Work Is Fair?

Case: British Home Stores Ltd v Burchell [1978] ICR 303 (EAT) Facts Miss Burchell was an employee at British Home Stores which had a scheme in place for staff purchases.   The store suspected that Miss Burchell was abusing the scheme which led to her dismissal following investigations conducted by [...]

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