Want an Environmentally-Friendly Funeral? Try A Green Funeral

David from Full Circle Funerals discusses the rise in Green Funerals and the changes anyone can make to reduce their environmental footprint. With the environment becoming increasingly influential in day to day decisions, green funerals are ever more popular throughout the UK. Whether you find yourself arranging the funeral of a loved [...]

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The EU Settlement Scheme: Settling for Pre-Settled Status?

The Home Office has now made almost four million grants of status through its EU Settlement Scheme.  The Scheme is the largest immigration application process ever to be carried out digitally in the UK, and the Government has pointed to the enormous uptake as a resounding success.  There is [...]

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COVID-19’s Complex Influence on Attitudes Towards Immigration

It is broadly appreciated that migrants have played a vital role in the UK’s battle against COVID-19. With the first ten doctors to die from the pandemic all hailing from overseas, it is impossible to doubt the sacrifices they have made. Whilst this has led to tangible softening of attitudes [...]

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Five Ways You Can Make It Easier for Your Employees to Get to Work

Please note, this article is intended for our US audience. Your employees have many challenges when it comes to giving you their all during work hours. Some things, like how much sleep your employees get, is out of your control. Other things, like making sure they’re properly trained, are within [...]

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