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What Effect Will Brexit Have on UK Employment Law?

Many people are under the impression that employment law is an area that will be subject to significant change post-Brexit. This is largely due to the common misconception that most, or all, of UK employment law stems from European law. It may come as a surprise to many that most [...]

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Business and Divorce – Common Questions Answered

Going through a divorce is difficult under any circumstances, but the thought of losing a business you have worked hard to build can make divorce particularly challenging. The team at Family Law Inverness have prepared this legal guide to address the main concerns of business owners when going through a [...]

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Divorce Over the Internet. What to Know?

This article is intended for our US audience and is a collaborative post authored by Awais Ahmed, a divorce law expert. The Internet plays an enormous role in nowadays love stories. Internet tools connect hearts (these days, about 40% of US couples first meet online), and just as easily help [...]

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What are the Stages of a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

This guest article is intended for our US audience and is guest authored by Kim Harington on behalf of Harrell and Harrell personal injury. You take your personal well-being seriously. When you leave home, you keep on the lookout for situations that may endanger your safety. Unfortunately, this is not [...]

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The Top Five Reasons Why You Need A Good Local Attorney

Please note, this is an international blog, intended for our US audience. Let's be realistic, the law is complex. There are many different areas and avenues of it that it has led to the creation of niche law firms. For example, law firms can range anywhere from personal injury firms, [...]

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Disinheriting Spouses, Civil Partners And Children In Scotland And England

Whilst many people understand that Scotland and England have different legal systems, very few know what the differences between the two actually are. Jones Whyte Law an Edinburgh based family law firm has investigated the significant, yet lesser known, difference between Scots and English law. The two jurisdictions that regulate [...]

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Thinking of Pulling a Sickie? Think Again!

Can an exaggerating claim of ill health amount to gross misconduct for a fair reason to dismiss? Yes, said the Employment Appeal Tribunal. In the case of Ajaj v Metroline West Limited UKEAT/0295/15/RN the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”) have stated that when an employee pulls a ‘sickie’ this can amount to [...]

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Political Discrimination Potential Exception to Qualifying Period

Should political view and affiliation be protected characteristics within the Employment Rights Act 1996, thereby be included within the exceptions to the 12 month qualifying period for unfair dismissal claims? Yes, said the European Court of Human Rights (“ECHR”). Background The case concerned Mr Redfearn who was a driver’s escort [...]

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What You Need To Know About Training To Be a Solicitor

Are you thinking of training to become a solicitor? First and foremost, it is important to be aware of what a profession as a solicitor actually entails. A solicitor is a member of the legal profession, and is the first point of contact for clients. It is a solicitor’s job [...]

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