Competing Rights & the ‘Gay Cake Case’ + How To Get a Job in Law

  • Friday, June 26th, 2020 2PM

To what extent, if any, can a person with a faith-based objection to gay marriage and same-sex relationships act on that objection when providing goods and services to the public?

When Mr Lee walked into Ashers bakery and requested a cake displaying the caption ‘Support Gay Marriage’, the owners refused to carry out this request. There followed one of the UK’s most long running and contested legal battles of the decade.

In this session, we invite students to look at the laws around human rights and discrimination, and how the Courts will look at these often-competing demands.

In addition, a Truth Legal solicitor will talk about working in law and work experience.

Our Law Webinars for Aspiring Lawyers are for school students in their final two years of studies. Truth Legal is running a series of webinars covering various specialist areas of law. This is a chance to practice your legal skills with some of the leading specialist solicitors in the area.

These sessions will also include practical segments to help provide students work out a pathway into law. This will include areas such as the different study routes, work experience and how to get a job in law.

Those students who attend the session and complete the follow up task will receive a certificate of completion. As well as helping students hone their legal skills, these sessions give students the chance to network, gain an insight into the legal profession and map out their legal career.

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