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Are you unhappy with the service you are receiving from your solicitor and looking to find a new one?

Switch to Truth Legal – the honest, ethical law firm

Imagine this scenario: you were at a low point, having recently suffered an injury in a road traffic accident or been injured in an accident at work. You received a call from a firm of solicitors. The caller was helpful and you agreed to let them handle your case.

Does that sound at all familiar?

Soon though, you start to realise your claim isn’t being handled by a solicitor at all, but instead by a paralegal / claims-manager / file-handler / case-handler / claims-technician. Whoever it is rarely answers your calls and has hundreds of other clients just like you. Because this is the first time that you’ve brought a personal injury claim, you don’t know whether this is just the way it usually is.

We’re here to tell you that isn’t how it has to be. You should have a good working relationship with the people providing you with legal representation. If they are not listening to you, they can’t provide you with the right kind of personal service. And if your relationship has broken down with the firm you’ve instructed, it’s unlikely that they will want you to remain as their client anyway.

It’s Time To Switch Solicitors!

If you’re concerned about the quality of the service you are getting, ask these questions of the person conducting your file:

  • Are they a qualified solicitor, a barrister, or a Fellow or Member of the Institute of Legal Executives?
  • How experienced are they in dealing with claims like yours?
  • How many active files do they currently have?
  • Do they use specialist barristers at the appropriate stages in a claim?
  • Will they try to obtain an apology for you?
  • What do they put back into the community?

If you don’t like the answers they give you, contact Truth Legal for a consultation about your case. If we can help, we will ask you to sign a release form and then we will contact your old solicitors to organise for the papers to be transferred securely to us. It’s unlikely that you will ever need to speak to your old solicitors again. Once you are our client, we promise that we will look after your claim properly. To see how we put you in control, click here.

We offer FREE initial consultations for all personal injury and clinical negligence matters. For employment matters, you can book a 1hr consultation with our expert employment team for £200 (incl. vat). Find out more here.

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Truth Legal have been successful in every road traffic accident claim we have handled to date – FACT!