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Amir Ben-Shabat is a dual graduate in law from Queen Mary University of London and History and International Relations from McGill University. He is currently undertaking his Graduate Fast Track Diploma in Law and Practice from Cilex Law School. At the same time, he is employed as a Paralegal from Fulcrum Chambers Ltd where is currently working on high profile cases in white collar crime and investigations. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling with his wife and powerlifting in the gym.

Can Employers Use The Loss Of A Qualification As a Reason For Dismissal?

Student lawyer, Amir Ben-Shabat looks at the case of Tayside Regional Council (appellants) v. McIntosh (respondent) - [1982] IRLR 272 and asks "can employers use the loss of a qualification as a reason for dismissal?" Facts Mr McIntosh was recruited as a vehicle mechanic for Tayside Regional Council. The job advertisement [...]

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