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After a personal injury, we understand the hardship, distress and the hours of recovery that you have to go through to get back on your feet – and often this is all through no fault of your own.

Unfortunately personal injuries are a common fact of life and they can occur at any time; at work through an accident or an assault, or in the street through a road traffic collision, tripping on a loose pavement or through being attacked. Injuries may not be immediate, they may develop over time, but either way, you are the innocent party and we believe that you should be compensated for your ordeal.

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Making a personal injury claim

We have a simple and honest ‘no win, no fee’ personal injury claims procedure, with the aim of adequately compensating you for the distress and disruption to your normal life.

We believe that making a no win, no fee claim is what you deserve and with a presence in London, Manchester, York and with our headquarters in Harrogate we have qualified, experienced and sympathetic solicitors who are here to help you get the right result at no cost to yourself.

Making a no win, no fee personal injury claim couldn’t be easier, but our first priority is you and your health. We can help you with the recovery process and give you access to medical professionals who can help with rehabilitation, surgery and many different forms of therapy applicable to your specific needs. After that, we can give you help with the personal injury claims process and put you on the road to recovery in a financial sense too, including advising on your employment rights in terms of sick pay and how your employer should manage your return to work.

How does a no win, no fee personal injury claim work?

First of all we need to have proof of negligence, so we listen to your story with an open and independent mind and establish the grounds with which you can progress a claim. After that we can advise on how we need to proceed.

no-win-no-fee-truthlegalAs a trusted and respected personal injury solicitors firm, our no win, no fee policy is clear, open and honest. Everything is explained to you upfront and there are no hidden costs or clauses.

Please contact us today and we can explain how to make a personal injury claim and how a no win, no fee policy works. We can do this through a free consultation and if you complete our 60 second claim form today we will be in touch to get you started with your recovery and financial compensation.

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