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Katherine works as a Consultant Solicitor for Truth Legal. She is a highly experienced Solicitor skilled in Civil Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Employment Law. Katherine has worked locally in the legal profession for nearly 11 years. She is also the Honorary Secretary of the Harrogate & District Law Society.

Dismissal by reason of misconduct

The Burchell test Case:  British Home Stores -v- Burchell [1978] IRLR 379 After 40 years, this is still one of the key decisions in unfair dismissal cases when considering a dismissal arising from misconduct. Why is the case so important? The Employment Appeal Tribunal outlined several factors that should be [...]

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Unfair Dismissal Claims: “Polkey deduction” or “No difference rule”

Reviewing the case of Polkey -v – AE Dayton Services Limited [1987] IRLR 503 In an Employment Tribunal claim, a “Polkey deduction” is something that is capable of reducing your compensatory award in an Unfair Dismissal claim.  We have provided an introduction to this which may be accessed by clicking [...]

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Discrimination Claims – Was calling an employee a “fat ginger pikey” banter or harassment?

Case: Evans- v-Xactly Corporation Limited  UKEATPA/0128/18 & 129/19/LA What is banter? Banter may be defined as “the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks” or to “exchange remarks in a good-humoured teasing way”.  It is commonplace in many workplaces.  In fact, it may also be deemed to be acceptable in [...]

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