Countless doormen and security staff are failing to claim thousands of pounds in compensation for the injuries sustained whilst doing their jobs. Few people have heard of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, which is a government scheme that pays compensation to innocent victims of crime.

Does this sound like you?

1. You were doing your job professionally.

2. You were assaulted and sustained an injury – physical and/or mental.

3. It happened within the last two years.

4. Your injuries were significant enough to warrant a minimum award of £1,000.

5. You reported the incident to the police (or another appropriate body) as soon as you could.

6. You cooperated with the police with their enquiries.

7. If asked by the police, you helped to bring your attacker to justice. No conviction necessary.

If this sounds like you, how much can you claim?

– £2,400 for a fractured thumb with a continuing significant disability.

– £5,500 for significant disfigurement to the face.

– £1,000 for a damaged tooth requiring a crown.

– £3,500 for an injury leaving a permanently clicking jaw

You may be able to claim loss of earning and special expense too.

Top Tips:

1. Always report the matter to the police and to your employer.

2. If the police ask for statements, provide them and cooperate fully.

3. Seek medical attention quickly from a GP and/or hospital, and for as long as the injury lasts.

4. Take photos of your injuries.

5. Seek legal advice quickly after an incident.

Now you don’t need a lawyer to bring a claim for you, but it is a good idea to instruct specialist solicitors such as Truth Legal because many criminal injuries claims are rejected on a technicality. As no legal fees are paid, Truth Legal would take 25% of the compensation on a no win, no basis.

Please contact Truth Legal on 0800 038 5321 or [email protected] if you would like a free, no-obligation discussion.

This Free Guide is an overview only of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme rather than a full explanation of the law. If you have any questions about criminal injuries claims, please contact the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority or specialist solicitors such as Truth Legal. Please note: if you are assaulted you may be able to bring other personal injury claims as well as a Criminal Injuries claim.



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