At Truth Legal we are specialist solicitors in assault and criminal injury. We understand the fear and distress that the victims suffer.

We know what a victim of assault and criminal injury goes through

Andrew Gray, Truth Legal’s founder, has personally been assaulted. In his case it was by a police officer, due to a mistaken identity, and was finally cleared up. However Andrew was left with a deep awareness of the mental and physical impact of assault, and is determined to ensure that anyone suffering assault or criminal injury gets the best possible service, one based on the understanding that his own experience had given him. You can read more about his experience here.

It is often the psychological impact of the incident which causes most distress. We understand that you may no longer feel safe, even at home, and you might experience flashbacks.

Compensation for victims of violence is just, and is your right

Victims of violence who make claims for compensation should not be accused of profiting from the so-called ‘compensation culture’. Compassionate countries like ours recognise the horror of being assaulted. We have developed a compensation system that assesses a victim’s damages and awards them compensation for their suffering.

What type of claim for assault can I make?

Compensation claims for injury through violence are complex. Here are the three types of claim which can be made separately or together:

1. Criminal injuries claim for compensation

Although you don’t need a solicitor to make this kind of claim, it is a good idea to instruct a specialist, even if you have to pay for it out of any compensation. These claims must usually be made within two years of the incident.

2. Civil claim against a third party

When an organisation (such as a local authority) owes you a duty of care then you may be able to sue them if they should have prevented the incident from happening. Proceedings usually have to be issued within three years of the incident.

3. Civil claim against the assailant (i.e. sue your attacker)

It is only worth suing where you know the perpetrator is able to pay your compensation and legal costs. Proceedings must usually be issued within three years.

What should you do if you are assaulted?

Funding for injury claims is complex, so we recommend that you discuss your options with us on a free, no-obligation basis. Click here for our contact details. What do you have to lose?

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