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I launched Truth Legal in 2012 to provide the most caring, ethical and brilliant personal injury law representation. Usually personal injury claims are a good thing, modifying negligent behaviour, shifting the financial burden off the state and reducing future injuries. I also represent people who have been poorly treated at work. I’m proud that my team give away countless hours of free legal advice.

Andrew Gray Takes Part in Annual Legal Services Procession in York

Last week, our Founder & Solicitor Andrew Gray attended the Harrogate & District Law Society Annual Legal Services Procession in York. Andrew, who is the acting President of the Harrogate & District Law Society, was invited to attend the procession amongst some of the most senior legal individuals in the [...]

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Harrogate News – September Round-Up

There were a number of stories making the Harrogate headlines last month, including a new Harrogate Park & Ride scheme. See the top stories below: Man held at gun point over imitation firearm A 34-year-old man was arrested in The Den bar in the centre of Harrogate after customers made [...]

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I Want Justice!

Hello there! My name is Andrew Gray and I'm the owner of Truth Legal Solicitors, here in gorgeous Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The reason I want to record a blog today is because, again, I'm really narked off. I read in the legal press about an hour ago [...]

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#ThrowbackThursday! Establishing Truth Legal – Andrew Gray Talks With Christopher Small in 2016

Truth Legal Solicitors was established over five years ago by Andrew Gray as a firm dealing with personal injury, medical negligence and employment law. Andrew is now the successful founder and solicitor of the most honest and ethical law firm in Harrogate, Truth Legal, at only 38 years of age. [...]

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Animal Injury Compensation Claims: A Brief Overview

"Animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms." ― George Eliot Mr. Gilfil's Love Story,' Scenes of Clerical Life, 1857 We are pretty fortunate in the UK, in that we don’t have any exotically dangerous animals roaming free. For example, if we go to the bathroom [...]

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Blog Contributions – Write For Us

Our Truth Legal Blog is fast becoming the ‘go to’ destination for expert free legal advice. We pride ourselves on being able to offer detailed, factual and jargon-free articles that we hope will help people in their quest for justice and understanding how the claim process works. We have a [...]

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The “You Have Been In An Accident” Scam Phone Calls Need To Stop!

This morning, I was driving to work when I answered a phone call via hands free. The voice at the other end of the line was automated and it said "Hello, we have your details about the accident you just had which wasn't your fault". I was furious! As a [...]

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Harrogate News Round-Up – June 2018

June was a busy month in terms of local news! We've included a round-up of what's been happening in Harrogate recently. Carer stole from patient to fund drug addiction Greg Watson, 28, was a carer working for Foresight Care Group in Harrogate when he stole thousands of pounds from two [...]

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I’m Still Suffering From My Whiplash Injury? What Should I Do?

Whiplash injury compensation claims are probably the most well-known of all personal injury claims. This may be because they are the most common type of injury arising out of car or other motor vehicle accidents, being between 65% and 78% of all bodily claims in 2014, depending on which insurance [...]

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