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Andrew Gray on his client Lindis Percy

Rosa Parks and the Suffragettes: viewed by the authorities at the time as a threat to the State, now held up as remarkable people who pushed their societies, by breaking the law, in the right direction. Today, we are lucky to have my client and friend, Lindis Percy. Lindis, for those [...]

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Truth Legal secure apology for campaigner

Britain’s most famous peace campaigner has won compensation and received an apology from West Yorkshire Police after she was arrested last year during the Olympic Torch Relay in Harrogate. Lindis Percy, who lives in the town, was detained as she protested to US military officials as the Olympic torch passed [...]

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Truth Legal donates to Victim Support

On the 25th September we gave £250 to the charity,  Victim Support, because, given what we do, we understand that victims of violence need help. Truth Legal Director, Andrew Gray, met Rob Pearce, Senior Service Delivery Manager of Victim Support, York at the Truth Legal offices in Harrogate. The donation is part of our pledge to donate [...]

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Truth Legal donates to RoadPeace

On the 15th August, Truth Legal donated £250 to the charity RoadPeace. Martin Knight met RoadPeace member Anna Semlyen in York and presented her with a cheque. The same sum will be presented to Victim Support. The donation came as Truth Legal celebrated their first year of trading and is part of their ethical policy to [...]

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Young mother saved from homelessness

On an evening in June, Truth Legal received a phone call from the relative of a young mother who was facing eviction from her Housing Association flat at 11am the following day. Following a series of errors by benefits agencies she was forced into rent arrears. The young mother had [...]

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The law as seen by a non-lawyer

Written by Robert Darlington, Assistant at Truth Legal Like most people, I have not had formal legal training. I have never needed it as I don't handle cases or deal with clients, unlike in some firms where para-legals who are no more qualified than I am handle hundreds of cases [...]

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What to expect at a personal injury medical appointment and from a medical report

If you are pursuing a personal injury claim and either the other side have admitted fault or your solicitor is confident that your claim will succeed, then it’s likely that you could be asked by your solicitor to go be examined by a medical expert. The medical expert’s job is to [...]

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I have suffered an injury – what can I claim for?

This blog post is intended as a Free Guide and was originally only offered as a PDF on our website. It is still available to download from here, along with other Free Guides. This Free Guide summarises the general areas of compensation which can be claimed if you have a successful Personal [...]

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Free guide: security staff and doorman criminal injuries claims

Countless doormen and security staff are failing to claim thousands of pounds in compensation for the injuries sustained whilst doing their jobs. Few people have heard of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, which is a government scheme that pays compensation to innocent victims of crime. Does this sound like you? 1. [...]

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Why do employment and personal injury solicitors exist?

Occasionally I dip into the numerous notebooks which I have filled over the years with a hotchpotch of barely legible thoughts, quotes and nuggets of wisdom. Today, whilst reading a somewhat dog-eared notepad, spanning the 2007-8 years, I came across the following quote from Karl Marx, who visited Harrogate in [...]

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