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Truth Legal Becomes ATC Official Sponsor

February 3, 2021,
Louis MacWilliam,

Truth Legal is proud to announce a sponsorship package to become associate partners with the Association of Translation Companies (ATC). We are particularly excited by this partnership given that translation is key to a lot of our work.


The ATC is the members’ body for organisations in the Language Service Providers sector, such as translators and interpreters. Our collaboration with the ATC is a natural partnership, as language is a critical element of legal work, in how problems are explained, how the law is understood and how a legal process is mapped out and put into practice. It is imperative that all this is clearly understood by all parties, which is why translator and interpreters are so important to our work. This is especially true now, following recent changes to immigration laws in the wake of Brexit, and with many of our translators being overseas nationals themselves.

Immigration law specialists

Truth Legal is a specialist in immigration law, and this formal partnership builds on recent work between our head of immigration, Louis MacWilliam and the ATC. In recent years, translation has been key to our work both in helping employers and individuals with immigration, but also in understanding the many complexities of Brexit. As Louis explains:

“Brexit has fundamentally changed the recruitment landscape for many language service companies in the UK. Applying for a Home Office Sponsor Licence to continue to recruit from outside the UK can seem like a daunting task, but that’s where specialist help from someone who understands the industry can really make a difference.”

The UK has a new post-Brexit immigration system, and even though we have known this was coming, it has been difficult for businesses to prepare for it. Employers recruiting from outside the UK must now hold a valid Home Office Sponsor Licence and, going forwards, EU citizens must apply to live and work in the UK through the same immigration routes as non-EU nationals. Much of Truth Legal’s work in immigration law, therefore, includes helping employers navigate the difficult process of applying for a skilled worker sponsors licence (formerly known as ‘Tier 2’), and supporting their employees through the visa application process.

Understanding the new post-Brexit immigration rules

In an area where there is a lot of ongoing change and added complications, it is important that employers and individuals understand the law and their responsibilities, and of course translation is a key part of this. As part of our work in this sector, Truth Legal has created a new guide to understanding the Skilled Workers route, which has replaced the old “Tier 2” process. Louis MacWilliam has worked on creating this and is also preparing to host a webinar for the ATC, so that their members can fully understand this process.

Collaboration is at the heart of what Truth Legal do, in terms of sharing knowledge so that people who need it can benefit from expertise, and can apply a high standard of information to important processes in the pursuit of fair and reasonable justice.

For their part, the ATC’s CEO Raisa McNab adds, “For many ATC members, recruitment decisions will from now on be preceded by a complex availability-cost analysis: the availability of suitably qualified and experienced candidates in the UK vs. rest of the world, and the cost of sponsoring a non-UK candidate in the UK vs. employing them in another country. Having access to language services industry knowledgeable help and advice from Truth Legal makes the whole process more manageable.”

ATC members can register to join the webinar on “How to Apply for a Home Office Sponsorship Licence” on this link here, this will be held on 4th February 2021 at 10.00AM.

Raisa has written an article exclusively for us, looking at how the new immigration rules brought about by Brexit affect the UK’s language services.


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