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What Is A Fair Reason To Sack Someone?

According to English employment law there are only five potentially fair reasons for sacking (dismissing) an employee. They are: Conduct (i.e. misconduct, bad behaviour) Capability (i.e. poor performance or incapacity due to ill-health) Redundancy (this has a specific meaning in the law) Illegality (i.e. it would be unlawful to [...]

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Under Legal Expenses Insurance, What Is “Freedom Of Choice Of Solicitor”?

**This article was updated in October 2019** What is Legal Expenses Insurance? Legal Expenses Insurance is insurance which is usually tagged onto (usually for an additional premium) home insurance, travel insurance or onto a motor insurance policy. In addition, some credit cards provide Legal Expenses Insurance. Legal Expenses Insurance [...]

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What is Gross Misconduct?

Gross misconduct is behaviour by an employee which is so poor, so disgraceful, that the employer cannot be expected to employ him or her any more. The behaviour must be a fundamental breach of the employment contract (the contract can be written or oral). This means a breach of contract [...]

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Violence in the Workplace: Don’t Become a Statistic!

Violence at work is more common than you might think! Read on to find out more. Assault can happen anywhere and at any time, and the workplace is no exception to this rule. However, few of us truly recognise how widespread this problem has become. There are some shocking [...]

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What are Some Sources of Compensation after an Assault in the Workplace?

You’ve been assaulted at work and would like to apply for compensation. What options are available to you? Life after a physical assault in the workplace can seem frightening and overwhelming. You may have reported the incident to the police and to your employer, and you may have received any [...]

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What Does “Duty of Care” Actually Mean?

Assaulted at Work explores the contentious topic of employer responsibility. Most of us know that employers have a “duty of care” towards employees. However, we are usually only familiar with just that phrase and not what it actually entails. There are several aspects to this law, including: Protecting employees from [...]

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How To Make a Claim For Your Loss of Earnings

**Updated July 2018** Besides injuries, loss of income is perhaps the single most common type of loss that people suffer as a result of an accident. All kinds of injury can force you to take time off work whilst you recover from them. This means loss of earnings is [...]

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What can I claim for in my personal injury claim?

In this post I will list some of the components which make up a compensation for a personal injury claim. The following list is not exhaustive: The injury itself – known as “General Damages”. Loss of earnings – includes the money you lost whilst off work, including any reduction whilst [...]

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