Settlement Agreements for Employers

What is a Settlement Agreement?

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Do you need to arrange a settlement agreement as an employer?

At Truth Legal, we specialise in being able to offer employment law support to businesses of all sizes across the UK. Our experienced team can offer confidential, expert advice to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible when dealing with HR and employment matters.

A settlement agreement is also known as a compromise agreement. It is a legally binding contract between you (the business) and the employee. Where there is a workplace dispute, settlement agreements are often used to reach a final conclusion that ultimately does not result in the employee leaving the business.

As an employer, one concern you may have is the possibility of an employee bringing a claim against you in a Tribunal or Court. Workplace disputes can quickly spiral out of control unless you have an reliable, trusted employment lawyer by your side to help you every step of the way. We can help work out a settlement agreement that can be signed and agreed by your employee as well as by you, the employer.

We offer expert settlement agreement advice for employers and will advise if this is the best route in resolving your workplace issue. With an employment law team by your side, Truth Legal will act quickly and efficiently when difficult legal situations present themselves.

I am an employer and I need a settlement agreement – what do I do next?

If you are an employer and you need a settlement agreement, the best thing to do is to contact us as soon as possible. We do not charge consultation fees for settlement agreements.

Why should I choose Truth Legal?

With an honest and ethical approach to law, at Truth Legal you will have access to our specialist team of lawyers to help you with all your employment law matters. Our Head of Employment Law is Navya Shekhar, an employment law solicitor with over 10 years experience. Assisting Navya with employment matters is Mirek Ksiezarek, our Polish-born legal assistant.

Navyar Shekar, Head of Employment

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