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Cycling Accidents: The Alarming Rise in the Number of Serious Injuries

Each year the Department of Transport publishes a report entitled ‘Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain.’ The report outlines statistics relating to the number of casualties sustained by different types of road user and is broken down into groups: car occupants, pedestrians, motorcyclists and pedal cyclists. As a firm that [...]

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Asbestos Related Diseases – What to Know and What To Do If You Think You Might have Symptoms?

For many people it will be a surprise to learn that asbestos related disease claims are still being brought in large numbers. After all, controls on the use of asbestos were gradually introduced at the end of the 1960s, with the use of asbestos in the UK banned, in the [...]

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What Happens in a Personal Injury Claim?

**This article was updated in February 2019** Despite the impression you may get from the media, people don’t make personal injury claims every day. Clients often ask us to explain what actually happens when somebody makes a claim. So we have put together this outline of the claims procedure. Hopefully, [...]

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Package Holiday Accident Claims

This article was updated in February 2020. Having a holiday to look forward to is something special. The excitement of counting down the days can be almost as invigorating as the holiday itself. But what if, after all that anticipation, the trip is ruined by an accident and you are [...]

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Have You Suffered Psychological Trauma?

While minor injuries suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence may heal with time, there can be lasting psychological effects that may never heal. The effects of psychological trauma can be particularly devastating when a victim is a vulnerable person. It can be difficult recovering psychological loss, as there [...]

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See The Benefits of Changing Solicitors

If you are not satisfied with a service provided, say, energy provider or phone company, it’s very easy to switch to gain a better deal. Even when it comes to doctors, a second opinion is easily accessible and often recommended, so why should it not be the same for law? [...]

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Successful Assault at Work Claim

We recently acted for a lady who was assaulted at work by a service user during the course of her employment at a children's home. Our client's job role involved providing assistance to children with complex learning requirements and behavioural difficulties. Our client's claim was funded under a No Win, [...]

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Assault In The Workplace – An Uncaring Employer

A recent case, successfully resolved by Truth Legal, paints a shocking picture of an employer’s complete disregard for the well-being of one of their workers. When Stuart sustained a vicious assault at work, he naturally expected his employer of 7 years to be supportive. What he actually encountered was a [...]

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